At the Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center, experts in maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology and fetal surgery share a passion for providing exceptional, comprehensive care for mothers and babies experiencing complex fetal conditions or high-risk pregnancy.

Our team provides care in an atmosphere of compassion, knowing that patients and families are sometimes dealing with difficult decisions and fears about the future.

We offer prenatal evaluation, fetal diagnosis and treatment services that consider both you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and after delivery.

The Fetal Care Center offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to patient care:

  • Consistency: The same team of physicians cares for patients from diagnosis to treatment and follow-up.
  • Collaboration: Physicians from many medical specialties share their expertise to ensure that each aspect of a child’s care is addressed.
  • Sophisticated treatment options: Our experience and commitment to research mean that we can provide the most effective therapies available.
  • Family-centered care: Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We encourage parents to participate in every aspect of their child’s care and we value their input.

Three Hospitals, One Comprehensive Approach

The Fetal Care Center is a collaboration of three hospitals − Cincinnati Children’s, Good Samaritan and University of Cincinnati Medical Center. These hospitals bring together extensive medical resources in a single setting, allowing our team to offer comprehensive care for mothers and babies facing a complex fetal condition or high-risk pregnancy and delivery.

  • Cincinnati Children’s: The Fetal Care Center is located within Cincinnati Children’s, ranked third in the nation in U.S. News & World Report's 2022-23 list of Best Children's Hospitals. Fetal surgeons provide a complete range of fetal treatment and fetal surgery, and neonatologists and pediatric specialists provide the highest level of care for your baby after birth.
  • Good Samaritan Hospital: The hospital’s 30-bed inpatient unit is specifically designed to accommodate women with high-risk pregnancies who require additional close observation and care and need to spend time in the hospital. Three critical care beds are located in the labor and delivery unit to provide close monitoring and observation of both mother and baby.
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center: Its high-risk obstetrics unit is fully equipped to monitor and respond to any level of pregnancy care, including pregnancies requiring extended stays and around-the-clock observation. Ultrasound and fetal monitoring services, as well as three operating rooms equipped for cesarean sections and emergency care, are located on the same floor.
  • Care for critically ill and premature newborns: All three hospitals offer a neonatal intensive care unit for critically ill and premature babies. The NICU at Cincinnati Children’s is designated as a Level IV (the highest level) by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The newborn intensive care units at University of Cincinnati Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital are designated as Level III. All three NICUs provide exceptional, highly specialized care. Care is provided by Cincinnati Children’s neonatologists in all three NICUs.

A World-Class Team

The Fetal Care Center brings together a nationally recognized team of experts with specialized training and experience in treating mothers and babies with fetal conditions.

The leadership of the Fetal Care Center includes:

  • Surgical director: Foong-Yen Lim, MD, Cincinnati Children's
  • Endoscopic fetal surgery director: Jose Peiro, MD, MBA, Cincinnati Children's
  • Neonatal director: Stefanie Riddle, MD, Cincinnati Children's

Drs. Lim and Peiro are fetal-pediatric surgeons, specializing in both open and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Riddle, a neonatologist, provides expert care for critically ill newborns.

They are supported by a staff of highly trained and skilled fetal surgeons, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, pediatric specialists, nurses, counselors and therapists.