Maternal, Fetal and Neonatal Clinical Care

Through the Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center’s three-hospital collaborative, we are able to provide the highest level of fetal, maternal, newborn and pediatric care. Our team of experts works to ensure our clinical services meet the specific needs of you, your baby and your family.

The Fetal Care Center provides comprehensive services for mothers and babies diagnosed with fetal conditions.

We provide maternal-fetal care for high-risk mothers and their babies at our three renowned institutions. Specialists from Cincinnati Children's, TriHealth and University of Cincinnati Medical Center work to orchestrate a personalized treatment plan based on your fetal diagnosis. Our decades of experience in high-risk obstetrics, national ranking and dedicated facilities for high-risk pregnancies ensure that you’ll have the care you need as your pregnancy progresses.

In many cases, you’ll be able to deliver at your home hospital. For mothers in Greater Cincinnati, you have the option to deliver at Good Samaritan Hospital or the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, both ranked as Level III (highest level of expertise) maternity hospitals.

Deliveries involving EXIT procedures take place in a dedicated operating room at Cincinnati Children’s.

Our fetal team collaborates with the team of neonatologists, pediatric specialists and nurses to develop a care plan to address the specific challenges your baby may face.

Once your baby is born, he or she may need specialized care in one of our three newborn intensive care units (NICUs). Good Samaritan and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center are equipped with Level III NICUs. Cincinnati Children’s has a Level IV (highest designation) NICU.

Our NICUs draw on the expertise of one of the largest neonatology groups in the nation. Staffed by experienced neonatologists from the Perinatal Institute at Cincinnati Children’s, these technologically advanced units offer leading-edge care and equipment for your infant in a quiet, nurturing environment, as well as privacy and comfort for you and your family.

Learn More about Our NICUs

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The congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) team is made up of specialists from the Fetal Care Center and Cincinnati Children’s to treat this severe congenital abnormality. CDH is a complex condition, and requires a coordinated, multidisciplinary team to manage. Through the NICU at Cincinnati Children’s, the CDH team provides the neonatal and surgical interventions needed to obtain good outcomes for babies with CDH.

Some babies with CDH develop long-term health conditions such as neurological problems, reactive airway disease, hearing loss, seizures and developmental delay. Our CDH Long-Term Follow-Up Clinic provides coordinated plans of care to address these conditions early, ensuring the best possible outcome for your baby as she grows.

We partner with cardiologists from the Fetal Heart Program at Cincinnati Children’s to detect many types of heart defects early in pregnancy. The Fetal Heart Program is part of the Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s, which focuses on treating fetal structural or functional heart disease.
Approximately one in 4,000 babies will have a developmental defect in the anus or rectum. Through our collaboration with world-renowned surgeons at the Colorectal Center at Cincinnati Children’s, we are able to provide fetal and neonatal surgery options for babies facing these conditions.

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