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Ongoing Liver Studies and Trials

There are numerous ongoing studies and trials at Cincinnati Children’s that are related to the liver. Contact us for information about our research efforts that are being funded by research foundations and the National Institutes of Health.

A multicenter therapy trial for acute liver failure

This project involves gathering demographic, clinical and outcome data on patients who present with acute liver failure. The goal of the study group is to improve our understanding of the causes and course of acute liver failure. The study is also carrying out a trial to use N-acetylcysteine in children with acute liver failure.

Causes and new treatments for biliary atresia

Our team is investigating the causes of biliary atresia and aim to develop new treatments to stop progression of disease and improve long-term outcome. We are also developing diagnostic tools to detect genetic mutations in children with liver disease.

Projects led by:

Quality of life in children after liver transplantation

The long-term goal of this project is to improve outcomes, quality of care and promote cost savings for pediatric liver transplant recipients. Investigators study the health-related quality of life of children who survive liver transplantation and examine the impact of disease severity at transplant and the type of graft received (living-donor or cadaveric) on long-term health-related quality of life.

Investigator: Kathleen Campbell, MD.

Functional health status of children with chronic illness

The purpose of this study is to determine, from the patient and family perspective, the functional health status (physical, emotional, social health) of children with chronic illness.

Treatment of viral hepatitis

Clinical trials led by William Balistreri, MD. Focus is on evaluating safety and efficacy of antiviral agents in children with chronic infection by hepatitis B or C virus.

Multicenter studies to identify optimal immunosuppression after liver transplantation

The purpose of these studies is to determine biomarkers and optimal time for withdrawal of immunosuppression in children following liver transplantation.

Diagnosis and treatment for children with inborn errors of bile acid metabolism

Building on previous studies that identified errors of bile acid metabolism in children with cholestasis, James Heubi, MD, and William Balistreri, MD, are studying pathogenesis and the long-term outcome of bile acid treatment in this group of children.

Multicenter studies of children with fatty liver disease

Stavra Xanthakos, MD, is investigating the pathogenesis of liver disease associated with obesity. As part of a multicenter consortium, she is exploring the development of biomarkers and new treatments for the liver disease.

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