Cincinnati Cancer Precision Medicine Laboratory

The Cincinnati Cancer Precision Medicine Laboratory focuses on delivering the highest quality Next Generation Sequencing data with a quick turn-around time for patient care needs. We specialize in DNA and RNA extractions from multiple specimen types, including FFPE, blood, bone marrow aspirations and fresh / frozen tissue. Currently, we are using Illumina and Ion Torrent chemistry to deliver the best possible results depending on the data requirements of each sample. Targeted sequencing of a particular gene or genes of interest when time is critical can be a valuable resource to researchers as well as clinicians. We currently offer a 50 gene Hotspot Targeted Panel run orthoganally on both the Illumina MiSeq as well as the Ion Torrent PGM, and will soon be offering a larger comprehensive panel that includes over 143 cancer-related genes and RNA fusions.


The Molecular Pathology (PCR) Laboratory, part of the Division of Pathology, is on the main campus of Cincinnati Children’s, in Location B, Room 4.274.

Contact Us

For more information about the Molecular Pathology (PCR) Laboratory, call 513-636-9820 or email You may also reach us by fax, 513-803-5407.

Shipping Address

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Lab Processing, B4.127
Attn: Molecular Pathology (PCR)
3333 Burnet Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45229