Pulmonary Medicine
Patient and Family Resources

Related Resources

We believe that educating you and your family about your child’s condition is an important step in achieving the best possible outcome. The Division of Pulmonary Medicine offers a number of resources:

  • Patient Education Program – This program provides information on asthma medications, cystic fibrosis and allergy for families.
  • Asthma packets – The division provides asthma information packets to families of children admitted to the hospital with asthma problems.
  • Nurse education – We offer asthma, allergy, cystic fibrosis and immunologic disease care and patient / family education programs for nurses.
  • Patient-specific handouts – We provide age-specific patient education videos and educational coloring books for young children with asthma.

The division also sponsors clinics and camps for kids.

Cincinnati Children’s also offers resources that may help answer your questions:

  • Additional support and support groups
  • Patient, parent and guardian rights and responsibilities
  • Billing information

External Resources

The following outside organizations can provide information, support and resources as you manage your child’s pulmonary disease: