If your child is diagnosed with sarcoma, you want to find the most advanced therapy available from experts who specialize in caring for these tumors. This kind of care is at the heart of our treatment approach at the Cincinnati Children’s Sarcoma Program. Our core team includes physicians and other providers from medical oncology, orthopaedic surgery, oncologic surgery, interventional radiology and radiation oncology who care for children and young adults with sarcoma every day. This level of specialization and experience is one of our program’s greatest strengths, and ensures that each patient receives thoughtful, comprehensive, well-coordinated care.

The core team meets frequently to discuss treatment plans and talk about how patients are responding to therapy. Depending on a child’s needs, they may ask other specialists to contribute their expertise, such as general surgeons, plastic surgeons, rehabilitation medicine specialists, fertility specialists and cardiologists.

Your Child’s Comprehensive Treatment Plan

A child’s first appointment will include a comprehensive evaluation in our clinic. Diagnosing and staging the cancer is an important step, and we use sophisticated laboratory and diagnostic radiology services to do so. When all test results are available, the team develops a detailed, individualized treatment plan and shares it with the family. Treatment begins as soon as possible, often within a week of diagnosis.

The Sarcoma Program offers comprehensive therapies for patients with tumors of the bone and soft tissue. These include:

  • Novel chemotherapy drugs, sometimes offered through a research protocol
  • Traditional radiation therapy and proton radiation therapy
  • The most advanced techniques in limb-sparing and limb reconstruction surgeries
  • Physical and occupational therapy to help patients regain their mobility, strength and independence

Every patient is assigned a nurse care manager, who can help answer questions, coordinate appointments and make sure families finds the support and resources they need. Learn about our supportive services.