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Our Physical Therapy Research Efforts

Our team is currently active with research in multiple different areas of physical therapy evaluation, treatment and injury prevention. It is our hospital’s mission to continually improve ourselves and share our knowledge with other clinicians to better serve patients in Cincinnati and around the world.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries

Our team has been working with researchers from around the country to improve outcomes for patients that suffer an ACL injury. We are also working on finding the factors that increase the risks for ACL injuries so that we can better prevent athletes from getting hurt in the first place. Learn more about how we treat ACL injuries. 

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Running is an activity that all kids participate in from Cross Country and track to playing in PE class and at recess. Our team is working to find the best way to keep our kids running safely and without pain. Learn more about our Runner's Clinic.

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Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is the idea that individuals of all ages learn the skills they need to play and move effectively in their environment. We are exploring the emerging topic and how it can change the outcome of our patient’s future as adults.

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Lower Back Pain

Low back pain has been found to affect people during all types of daily tasks and most of the current research is done on the adult population. Our team is working to find the best evaluation and treatment skills for the pediatric and adolescent population.

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Our dance specialists have been working with dancers of all ages to better understand the proper movements, common injuries and best way to rehabilitate these specific patients.

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Sports Medicine Research


The Human Performance Laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s provides a technology-driven laboratory to continually advance and validate cutting-edge injury prevention and athletic development programs.

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