22Q-Velocardiofacial Syndrome
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The 22Q-Velocardiofacial Center at Cincinnati Children’s suggests these resources for families seeking information or support.

The Tri-State 22Q-VCFS Family Support Network

A family support network providing education, support and social activities for individuals and families affected by 22Q-VCFS. Email 22Q-VCFS@cchmc.org for information.

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How Did One Syndrome Get So Many Names? 

A syndrome is a unique pattern of characteristics or symptoms with a known or suspected cause. Before DNA testing was possible, genetic syndromes were named for the doctor who first described the condition, for the symptoms it includes, or both. It is more common now to name conditions for the underlying genetic cause. Because of the wide range of symptoms associated with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, it was independently described as several different conditions and was given a variety of names including:

 Year Syndrome Name  Abbreviation  Named for 
1968 DiGeorge syndrome  DGS  Dr. Angelo DiGeorge 
1969  Cayler cardiofacial syndrome  CCS  Dr. G.G. Cayler and signs & symptoms 
1976  Conotruncal anomaly face syndrome  CTAF  Signs & symptoms 
1978  Velocardiofacial syndrome  VCFS  Signs & symptoms 
1999  22q11.2 deletion syndrome  22q11.2DS  Underlying genetic cause