Research Training

The Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DCAP) Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research Program involves DCAP faculty members Drs. Craig Erickson, Ernie Pedapati, Kelli Dominick, and Martine Lamy. This group has active collaborations within Cincinnati Children's with faculty members in many Divisions including Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, Neurology, Genetics, and Developmental Biology among others. The program is focused on enhanced understanding of brain function with an eye on improving treatment development and outcomes across several areas including, but not limited to, fragile X syndrome, autism, Angelman Syndrome, and autism-associated catatonia.

Notable active study topics include:

  • NIH funded clinical trials and brain physiology studies in fragile X syndrome.
  • Single and multi-site studies of novel therapeutics in autism spectrum disorder.
  • Evaluation of the molecular genetics of autism spectrum disorder
  • Neuroimaging study across developmental disorders including use of fMRI and functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS).
  • Targeted therapeutics trials in Angelman Syndrome
  • Investigation of outcomes and clinical treatment approaches in significantly affected individuals with autism including, but not limited to, those persons admitted to inpatient psychiatric units and/or those impacted by catatonia in the context of autism.

The Child and Adolescent Forensic Research Program is led by Dr. Drew Barzman, Professor of Psychiatry with 17 years of research experience. The program has research focus in school violence, aggression, staff safety, and suicide prevention. Notable studies include:

  • Multi-Site Suicide Prevention Studies Measuring Treatment Outcomes for Adolescents
  • Single and Multi-Site School Violence and Aggression Studies