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How We Can Help: A Word About the Cloud

A Word about Cloud or SaaS Offerings

Considering a cloud based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution? You may wish to reconsider. Cloud computing can be an attractive proposition for providers who are focused only on up-front cost. The upfront investment is relatively low. Assertions are made that you don’t need to invest in hardware, software or licensing. What many fail to realize is that moving to the cloud can be far more costly in the long run.


While it’s true that you do not need to purchase servers with a cloud based or SaaS system, you still need hardware. You will still need pcs, tablets, printers, scanners, docking stations, e-Pads, monitors, and a wireless infrastructure. With a server based system, it’s your responsibility to maintain the server. The server based model that Community Practice Services uses gives your practice the security you want without the hassle. Our robust data recovery plan gives you peace of mind. If something goes wrong with your server, located in a local data center, we respond and handle it for you. No more calls to your contracted IT guy or gal!

As part of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Community Practice Services (CPS) leverages the knowledge and staff of a 400 member Information Technology (IT) department. With our Premium, Associate and Standard service plans, equipment is provided, installed and maintained by us. 

There is a common misconception that selecting a cloud or SaaS model will eliminate all of your hardware and software problems. In reality, concerns like equipment failure, connectivity and router issues, device compatibility and obsolescence will still be part of your everyday life. By selecting CPS, the difference is that we will be there to take care of these issues for you.


In a cloud environment, while it’s true that you aren’t paying for software “up-front” - make no mistake you are still paying for software. You’re just paying for it in a different way. With a cloud based or SaaS system, you are leasing the software indefinitely (like leasing a car). Over time, the cost ends up being higher than a Client/Server system that you own.   

As a client of CPS, you’ll have a say in customizing your EHR templates. In addition, you can further configure your own templates to fit your individual practice needs. We keep our service current with free timely upgrades of the NextGen Healthcare software. We announce forthcoming upgrades and provide unlimited training. 


Selecting CPS for your EHR and practice management needs gives you advantages that a cloud or SaaS model cannot deliver. You own and can secure your data locally. And you have the assurance that comes from knowing that you are partnering with Cincinnati Children’s.

As providers move in and out of your office, the rights stay with your practice and are transferable to any new provider at no additional charge.

You may qualify for a significant subsidy on the purchase of your EHR. See the Community EHR Project for additional information. 

Any EHR is only as good as the service behind it. The difference is that CPS is your partner, dedicated to your practice. As part of Cincinnati Children’s, CPS has a proven reputation to uphold.

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