Community Practice Services
What We Do

Community Practice Services: What We Do

One constant in healthcare is change.

As healthcare continues to evolve, so have the products and services offered by Community Practice Services (CPS). Community Practice Services was formed at Cincinnati Children’s in 1998 to help local pediatric offices with their billing and revenue cycle processes. Our experienced staff provides comprehensive local training, implementation and support of the integrated NextGen Healthcare Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions for our clients.

Elements of our services

EPM and EHR systems by NextGen Healthcare

At the core of our services are the fully integrated products by NextGen Healthcare Information Systems. These systems improve revenue and cash flow by minimizing billing errors, facilitating collections and expediting reimbursement processing.

Community Practice Services ensures that the version of NextGen that our customers use is current with updates to meet the ever-changing healthcare requirements. That includes providing reporting elements necessary for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification and Meaningful Use. Our clients can be confident they work with a system that is compatible with the changing healthcare environment.

The Health Collaborative

Community Practice Services has a long-established, reciprocal relationship with the Health Collaborative. As such, our EHR clients receive the added benefit of a robust interface to the Health Collaborative. All of the regional labs and hospitals feed results through the Health Collaborative. Once a practice establishes the convenient connection to the Health Collaborative’s database of laboratory results, the nuisance of paper faxes in the office is eliminated. The laboratory information filters directly to the patient chart. This benefit is offered at no additional charge to your practice.

Cincinnati Children’s Lab Interface

In collaboration with Cincinnati Children’s, CPS provides a unique bi-directional electronic data interchange of laboratory orders and tests. This allows physicians to submit electronic orders and receive results directly into the NextGen EHR. This eliminates an amazing amount of faxing, paperwork and phone calls. This benefit is unique to CPS and is offered at no additional charge to your practice.

Tri State Child Health Services, Inc.

Community Practice Services offers additional value to Tri State PHO members via a reporting interface and a customized data capture report build directly into the workflow of the EHR. Community Practice Services extracts the data as required by the PHO and reports it without any additional work on your end. This benefit is unique and is offered at no additional charge to your practice.


Disappointed by the cost, the wait and the limitations of your current vendor reporting capabilities? We have an extensive library of custom Crystal reports that have been created with our clients’ needs in mind. Some of the current hot topics include reports that can help you capture the data required to qualify for Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Meaningful Use (MU) initiatives among others. Our expert report writing staff provides a level of detail that far exceeds the standard requirements. As additional government initiatives and commercial payer pay for performance programs become effective, the ability to easily enter and retrieve data will become paramount to your success. Many EHR vendors fall short in this area.

In addition to the custom reports that we can develop for you, NextGen provides an industry-leading array of memorized reports that you can customize and run yourself.

How We are Different

Our staff members are seasoned healthcare professionals, whose individual and collective expertise lies in the practice of community medicine.
Our experienced staff is committed to the continued success of our clients by providing local training, implementation and support of a fully integrated EHR solution. Regular meetings bring users together to exchange ideas. Read More