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How We’re Different

How We’re Different

We are different from other companies offering EHR solutions

In the last five years, many new companies offering EHR solutions at introductory low costs have emerged. It’s a fiercely competitive market and some companies are willing to propose just about anything in an effort to secure business. Shopping for an EHR solution can be time consuming and complicated; transitioning to an EHR can be costly and disruptive. Selecting the wrong EHR vendor for your practice can be devastating. The most expensive EHR system is the one you have to buy twice.

Community Practice Services is not just another EHR reseller

At Community Practice Services (CPS) we take the worry out of EHR solutions. Our experienced staff is committed to the continued success of our clients by providing local training, implementation and support of a fully integrated EHR solution. We take pride in offering independent physician practices local, unparalleled customer service for their EHR, EPM, hardware and network needs. Unlike many EHR vendors, if one of our practices has a problem, we know your office staff well. Because we are local, we excel at rapid problem solving – either over the phone or in a face-to-face visit to your office. Community Practice Services has team members answering calls from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 8am - 5pm on Saturdays. Support is unlimited.

Additionally, we don’t (and won’t) nickel and dime your practice. Unlimited training on the NextGen Healthcare EHR and EPM systems is included, so from new hires to less-then-tech-savvy staff members, we work with your practice to make sure everyone is trained and confident with using the software. 

We keep it personal 

Our team knows your office staff, understands the way your office works, and we keep our services relevant to your practice’s needs. Periodically, CPS organizes The Clinical Content Committee meeting for physicians using our EHR services. This provides an exclusive opportunity for physicians to share best practices with the NextGen EHR system and to talk about potential customizations for a more efficient system. Every two months, CPS organizes The User Group meeting for office managers using our EPM services. This provides an opportunity for non-clinical office staff to talk about the NextGen EPM system, payer changes, annual fee schedule changes, Medicaid policy, personnel issues and more.

We go way beyond simply supplying your EHR

In addition to EHR, EPM, lab and HealthBridge interfaces, we will furnish monthly financial reports to help you measure performance and identify issues that may have a negative effect on your bottom line. We will make recommendations to help you correct underpayment issues. We will come out to your practice to observe your processes and help you design a Best Practice workflow. All of this for no additional cost!

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