Fig A: Researchers plotted the −log10 (p-values) of the single SNP association tested in additive models. The dotted refer-ence lines show the −log10 (p-value of 0.05) level. Several ABCC3 SNPs between the vertical lines show significant associa-tion between prolonged post-operative stay and respiratory depression (RD). The p-values were smoothed using a running median represented by the blue line in both plots. The Y axis shows the −log10 p-values and the X axis shows the chromo-somal positions of the ABCC3 polymorphisms (SNPs) on Chromosome 17.


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Team Unlocks Connection Between Genetic Variants and Postoperative Morphine-induced Respiratory Depression

Respiratory depression is among the most serious side effects of morphine-induced anesthesia. Now, researchers have found that genetic variants in children are crucial to ensuring safer, shorter post-operative stays.

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