Anesthesiology Emphasizes Research

Research in the Department of Anesthesiology ranges from molecular level studies of mechanisms contributing to pain to outcomes research focused on optimizing hospice care for children at the end of life. The Department of Anesthesiology continues to place a major emphasis on supporting research by providing our faculty with both time and resources to find ways to better treat epilepsy, to relieve pain, and to more safely and effectively anesthetize children. A total of 33 of our 58 faculty published during FY16.

National and International Leadership in Research

Our faculty serve at both national and international levels where they help shape the future of research. They guide the selection of papers for publications in scientific journals: Steve Danzer, PhD, serves as a contributing editor to Epilepsy Currents. Robert Coghill, PhD, serves as a section editor for PAIN. Michael Jankowski, PhD, and affiliate faculty member Susmita Kashikar-Zuck, PhD, just became members of the editorial board of PAIN. Having three faculty members on the editorial board of PAIN is quite exceptional and underscores the fact that Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is an international leader in pain research.

They lead their peers in advocacy and guidance for research: Michael Jankowski, is co-chair of the Basic Science Shared Interest Group of the American Pain Society, and Steve Danzer is chair of the Basic Science Committee of the American Epilepsy Society. Robert Coghill, is shaping the Federal Pain Research Strategy through his involvement with the Acute Pain Work Group of the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee.

Finally, they help agencies decide how to fund research: Steve Danzer serves as a standing member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Study Section for Clinical Neuroplasticity and Neurotransmitters, and serves on the scientific review panel of the CURE foundation, while Robert Coghill just chaired his first NIH study section and also serves on the Research Grants Committee of the American Pain Society. Our newest faculty member, Christopher King, PhD, just served on his first NIH study section.

Trainees and Faculty Excel in Research

Anesthesiology faculty contribute to the future of research by mentoring the development of outstanding young scientists and clinical researchers. Our trainees have garnered many awards and won highly competitive fellowships. From Steve Danzer's laboratory, Aynara Wulsin received an NIH F30 predoctoral fellowship, while Bethany Hosford received an NIH F31 predoctoral fellowship, as well as a travel award from the CURE Foundation. From Michael Jankowski's laboratory, Luis Queme, received a scholarship to attend the North American Pain School Scholarship, and Jessica Ross received a travel award to attend the American Pain Society. Vanessa Olbrecht, MD, MBA, received the Young Investigator award from the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia.