Every year, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center hosts more than 200 non-employee international visiting observers throughout the institution. These observers fall into different categories, including clinical observers, research observers (also known as visiting research scientists), medical student observers and nursing observers. 

Here are some key points before deciding to apply for an observership at Cincinnati Children’s:   

  • International visiting clinical observers are allowed to come to Cincinnati Children’s to observe only (i.e., hands-on training and diagnoses are prohibited). 
  • To be eligible for an observership at Cincinnati Children’s, applicants must either be an attending physician in a medical institution, or be enrolled in a formal training program such as a residency, fellowship or medical school outside the US while they are observing at Cincinnati Children’s. 
  • Observership applicants are not eligible for an international visiting observership if the applicant is in between medical school and a residency, or has completed a residency program and does not have an appointment as an attending physician or fellow. 
  • Applicants must speak and understand English well enough to communicate with people. If necessary, the hosting department will request a telephone interview to assess your English language skills. 
  • Cincinnati Children’s does charge an observership fee for all applicants who are accepted for an observership. The amount depends on your position in your home country ($1,500 for attending physicians, $250 for residents, fellows and medical students). Additional fees may be charged, depending on the hosting division.  
  • There is no educational credit or certificate for coming to Cincinnati Children’s as an international visiting observer.