Angelman Syndrome Research and Treatment Center

Logan Wink, MD, is the director of the Angelman Syndrome Research and Treatment Center. Her primary focus is behavioral management of individuals with Angelman Syndrome (AS) of all ages. She currently serves on the Expert Panel on Challenging and Difficult to Treat Behaviors through the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. 

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Erickson CA, Wink LK, Baindu B, Ray B, Schaefer TL, Pedapati EV, Lahiri DK. Analysis of peripheral amyloid precursor protein in angelman syndrome. Am J Med Genet Part A. 2016 Sep;170(9):2334-7. 170A:2334–2337.

Wink LK, Fitzpatrick S, Shaffer R, Melnyk S, Begtrup AH, Fox E, Schaefer TL, Mathieu-Frasier L, Ray B, Lahiri D, Horn PA, Erickson CA. The neurobehavioral and molecular phenotype of angelman syndrome. Am J Med Genet Part A. 2015 Nov;167A(11):2623-8. 

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