Our outpatient services provide a convenient treatment option for children and adolescents whose illnesses can be managed without inpatient care. Our outpatient clinics are staffed by psychiatrists, social workers, advanced practice registered nurses and psychologists. 

To schedule an appointment, or learn more about psychiatry outpatient services available, please call 513-636-4124.

Developmental Disorders Outpatient Program

Evaluation and management services for youth with a variety of development disorders, primarily Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Post-Trauma Healing Center (PTHC)

The PTHC specializes in treatment of children with trauma-related disorders, the utilization of trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy with involvement in both individual patients and non-offending caregivers. PTHC services include: trauma-focused cognitive behavioral-therapy, parent-child interaction therapy, psychiatric consultation, psychopharmacologic management and integration into community resources. 

Child Forensic Services

This service specializes in the evaluation of forensic issues associated with child and adolescent psychiatry, including those of competence, child abuse, not guilty by reason of insanity and medical malpractice. Learn more about Forensic Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children's


We contract with Alliance Coal Company to provide psychiatric services to families of their employees at five coal mines throughout rural Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Psychiatric services are provided through telemedicine while families are on-site at their local clinic. Learn more about the Center for Telehealth at Cincinnati Children's

Care Coordination & Outcomes (CCO) / Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) Initiatives

The CCO program is a Cincinnati Children's initiative where nurses serve as care managers to provide coordination and referral of services received within the hospital, across divisions and provider types. The majority of patients served by CCO are private pay. CPST is a similar, but more comprehensive service for our Medicaid population. Health facilitators serve as care managers for these patients and provide coordination, in-home visits and transportation to psychiatry clinic visits. 

Therapeutic Inter-Agency Pre-school (TIP)

The TIP program is a mental health treatment program that specifically targets pre-school children who have experienced severe trauma, including multiple forms of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. The TIP program exists at Cincinnati Children's Oak Campus and serves 80-preschoolers per calendar year. 

The TIP program is a seamless integration of child protection, mental health, and Head-Start pre-school resources. Goals of treatment are to ensure and monitor ongoing safety, provide intensive home intervention, pre-school learning, mental health services, and enhance developmental/cognitive development. 

Surviving the Teens

This program is a community outreach education program that reaches approximately 26 schools per year and is directed to students and educators regarding depression and suicide. Learn more about Surviving the Teens / Suicide Prevention at Cincinnati Children's