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Therapeutic Interagency Program

Therapeutic Interagency Program (TIP)

Our Therapeutic Interagency Program (TIP) is a day treatment program that specifically targets preschool children. It is a seamless integration of child protection, mental health, educational enhancement and school transition. The goals of treatment are to ensure and monitor ongoing safety, provide mental health services and enhance developmental/cognitive development.

TIP services are available to:

  • Hamilton County residents
  • Preschool children, ages 3 to 5
  • Children from families with a history of childhood neglect, child abuse, family violence or other psychological trauma and are:
    • At risk or have evidence of developmental and/or behavioral problems
    • Experiencing behavioral and/or developmental problems serious enough to lead to their removal from home, school or therapeutic environment

Baby Therapeutic Interagency Program (Baby TIP)

Baby TIP is a full-year therapeutic program serving children from birth to 3 years old. Baby TIP provides mental health and developmental services for the child and caregiver using evidence-based treatment models.

Baby TIP services are available to:

  • Children from the ages of birth to 3 years old
  • Families with a history of challenges including childhood neglect, child abuse, family violence, addiction or other psychology trauma
  • Children who are at risk or who have evidence of developmental, emotional and/or behavioral problems
  • Children who are at risk of home, daycare or kinship displacement
  • Parents/guardians who are facing permanency and custodial issues

Therapeutic Interagency Program (TIP) Clinic

The TIP Clinic serves children transitioning in or out of the more intensive TIP Preschool. This clinic allows children to receive their mental health and developmental services at an increased level compared to traditional outpatient in order to support mental health and developmental needs.

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For more information or to find out if your child could benefit from the program, call 513-517-1116 or 513-636-1413.

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