Residential Treatment Program
Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology

Patients with psychiatric diagnoses may have difficulty with receptive or expressive communication or use of social language. As part of the residential programming within the Division of Psychiatry, speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat speech and language disorders and facilitate communication skills related to patients’ psychiatric treatment.

Individual Sessions

Initially, each patient receives a comprehensive communication evaluation. If significant speech and language deficits are identified, individual therapy sessions are provided to target specific areas of speech or language weakness.

Group Sessions

Communication group is provided for all patients one day a week to address communication skills and social language use. Groups may focus on developing language skills to meet the emotional and social needs of the patient. Groups may also focus on increasing communication skills required for children and adolescents to function appropriately in the community. 

Recommendations are provided at discharge if additional speech and language services are indicated. 

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