At Cincinnati Children’s Dance Medicine program, we appreciate the athleticism of dance, yet also understand the artistic elements involved, and strive to support and encourage the dancer’s artistic expression through their recovery.

Our specialists, who are trained to care for youth and adolescent dancers, are experienced in the unique rigors and requirements of dance, both artistically and aesthetically. Our team will work with the dancer, family, and dance teacher to ensure the dancer's return as quickly as is safe to do so.

Given the physical and technical demands of dance, injuries and pain are not uncommon. Our team-based approach strives to minimize time lost to dance, and prevent injury from recurring, through:

  • Striving to meet both artistic and athletic demands
  • Understanding that many dance injuries are a result of overuse, improper training, and / or improper technique
  • Realizing the demands of dance along with understanding the injury
  • Assembling a team approach to treat the dancer, including doctors, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, nutrition experts, sports psychologists, etc.

What is the impact on the body?

Dance has many benefits, including: improving strength, balance, flexibility, artistic expression and personal growth.

However, the physical nature of dance puts significant demands on the bones, muscles, and tendons, while the specific technical and aesthetic requirements push the dancer’s limits of flexibility and ability. 

This combination puts the dancer at risk for injury. With early intervention and attention to proper form and technique, injury does not have to be inevitable.