The Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Program at Cincinnati Children's is designed to meet the needs of young athletes. From personalized sports physical therapy regimens to rehabilitation following injury and surgery, our sports-experienced physical therapists help young athletes get back in the game quickly and safely.

Why Choose Us

Our experts understand how a child's musculoskeletal development must guide the rehabilitation process to provide safe and effective treatment. Our program manages a wide variety of overuse and traumatic injuries and conditions in children and young adults.

Our goal is to return your child to an active lifestyle as soon as possible, with a minimal chance for future injury. Our program offers seamless integration through:

  • Individualized evaluation of each athlete along with a customized rehabilitation program
  • Customized treatment to help each child maximize his or her potential using the advanced pediatric rehabilitation techniques
  • Ongoing consultations with the young adult, parents / guardians, families, coaches and physician to help ensure appropriate intervention for the child
  • Sports injury prevention programs to help the athlete stay healthy and minimize re-injury

Family-Centered Care

Our physical therapists believe strongly in the power of family encouragement and involvement. Parents or those close to the child are encouraged to attend therapy sessions, held every day of the week, by appointment only.