2020 Research Annual Report
Research Annual Report | From the Board

A Message from Mark Jahnke, Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD, and Michael Fisher

Nearly one-third of the more than 16,000 employees of Cincinnati Children’s devote countless hours to research studies that are improving the outcomes of children in need–here at home and around the world.

They include physicians, PhD scientists, research nurses, pharmacologists, informatics experts and more. Together, they have helped build Cincinnati Children’s into a powerhouse of discovery and innovation.

Our success springs from decades of investment in programs, infrastructure, research cores, and talent–as well as a culture of collaboration, which thrives within more than 50 research divisions at Cincinnati Children’s.

Highlights of our team’s work from Fiscal Year 2020 are featured in this report. These premier scientific discoveries, selected by a committee of senior research leaders, represent the most innovative and impactful achievements.

In addition to our federal funding and commercial partners, we’re grateful to the donors who help make these discoveries possible. Philanthropic gifts for research grew to $26.3 million in Fiscal Year 2020, compared with $19.5 million the prior year. And, special thanks to the Jack Rubinstein Foundation for Developmental Disorders for its generous $8.8 million gift this year.

Looking ahead, we are inspired by the passion of so many researchers who have shifted their focus to defeating the novel coronavirus. Already, scientists here have authored or co-authored more than 130 manuscripts related to COVID-19. We expect more to come on that front.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati Children’s is leading the way in evaluating vaccines to combat the pandemic, with clinical trials that include adolescents ages 12-17.

We are especially grateful to the children, young adults, and families who place their trust in our compassionate scientists and clinicians. Many of the advancements featured in this report could not have occurred without their participation in our clinical research. By volunteering, they have contributed not only to the betterment of science but also humanity.

Congratulations and thank you. With your partnership, we are pursuing our potential together so all kids can pursue theirs.

An image of Mark Jahnke, Chair, Board of Trustees. An image of Nancy Krieger Eddy, Research Committee Chair, Board of Trustees. An image of Michael Fisher, Cincinnati Children's President and CEO.
Mark Jahnke
Chair, Board of Trustees
Nancy Krieger Eddy, PhD
Research Committee Chair,
Board of Trustees
Michael Fisher
President and CEO