Cincinnati Children’s offers evidence-based therapy programs, services and technologies so that children with cerebral palsy can reach their full potential. Occupational therapy and physical therapy can help:

  • Improve spasticity symptoms. This is especially important after a medical procedure such as a Botox injection, baclofen pump implant, selective dorsal rhizotomy or orthopaedic surgery.
  • Manage contractures, with techniques such as serial casting and therapy interventions after orthopaedic surgeries
  • Strengthen muscles, using strength and endurance training activities and electrical stimulation
  • Improve motor skills through techniques that include goal-directed training, context-focused training and constraint-induced movement therapy
  • Improve a child’s ability to be independent with feeding, bathing, toileting, school / work activities and play
  • Improve posture, seating and positioning
  • Improve mobility with specialized locomotor training and/or adaptive equipment

Many of our therapists have advanced training and specialty certification in the use of adaptive equipment and assistive technology to help children with CP be more active, improve communication, learn in school and participate in the activities of daily life. They can help you identify what your child needs and work with manufacturers and insurance companies to make sure they get it.

State-of-the-Art Therapies and Technologies

Occupational therapists and physical therapists at Cincinnati Children’s use a variety of cutting-edge technologies to evaluate and treat children with CP. These include:

  • Virtual reality and robotic equipment, such as Armeo, Amadeo, Pablo, Tymo, Saebo Rejoyce, Bioness H200, Lokomat, Zero-G, bodyweight support equipment, WalkAide and Bioness L300
  • Interactive gaming such as Wii or Xbox
  • The Motion Analysis Lab, which uses high-tech cameras and software to pinpoint the underlying reasons for your child’s mobility issues. This helps the care team determine which therapies will help the most.

Additional Therapies and Services

Occupational therapists and physical therapists provide several other outpatient therapies, including:

  • The Community Wellness Program, which helps children increase their activity level and develop a healthy lifestyle. The program offers adaptive activities such as bike riding, running, dance, rock climbing and skiing.
  • Therapies that help children maximize their oral motor and feeding skills.
  • Assessment and treatment for children with cortical visual impairment. Occupational therapists work with pediatric ophthalmologists to evaluate vision issues and help families adapt the home or school environment to their child’s needs.
  • A wheelchair clinic, where a therapist, equipment provider and rehabilitation physician collaborate to make equipment recommendations that improve independence and mobility
  • Aquatic therapy, which uses water-based therapy to help children make the most of their abilities on land
  • Hippotherapy, through a partnership with Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding and Horsemanship, to improve postural control and balance.
  • Sport-specific therapy