Diagnostic Telehealth Services

In store-and-forward telehealth, digital images of diagnostic studies are captured at a non-Cincinnati Children's site and then securely sent to Cincinnati Children's, where they are reviewed and interpreted by a relevant specialist. The opinion of the specialist is then transmitted back to the non-Cincinnati Children's site, where the results are shared with the patient. This enables pediatric expertise to be brought to hospitals and locations where it is not readily available.

The Center for Telehealth works with a variety of providers and specialties to deliver services through partnerships among Cincinnati Children's, patients and outside institutions. Here is an overview of our current diagnostic programs:


TeleEchocardiography (TeleEcho)

This is a remote tele-echocardiography service, which enables a hospital or clinic to transmit stored or live echocardiographic images to a Cincinnati Children's pediatric cardiologist for interpretation.


TeleElectroencephalogram (TeleEEG)

This enables a hospital with EEG technicians to conduct an EEG study on a child and have it interpreted remotely by a Cincinnati Children's pediatric neurologist.


Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) Screenings

This program allows for NICU staff to send images of a premature infant’s retinas to Cincinnati Children's ophthalmologists for interpretation and early identification of potential eye disease. 

Radiology and Medical Imaging  

Pediatric Imaging Reads

This service allows the Department of Radiology to read routine pediatric studies and specialized studies like MRI and CT scans; this includes brain, heart and fetal imaging.

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Dr. Thomas Kimball of Cincinnati Children's reads an echocardiogram.
Thomas Kimball, MD, reads an echo.