Immune Deficiency and Histiocytosis
Diagnostic Immunology Lab

High-Quality Testing and Research

The field of diagnostic immunology has advanced significantly over the years. As technology improves, we are able to provide accurate results in shorter timeframes with less inconvenience for the patient. We have an active research program at Cincinnati Children’s, and keeping up with scientific discoveries and technology has been a core for us. As a result, we have identified and developed tests to facilitate the diagnosis of more than 80 immune deficiencies. Our laboratory is particularly suited to the diagnosis of congenital and prematurely lethal immune deficiencies.

What We Offer

Our Diagnostic Immunology Laboratory provides comprehensive, high-quality testing and research to help detect, diagnose and treat many immune system disorders, including:

The laboratory’s director is Rebecca Marsh, MD. Marsh and her colleagues have developed many of the highly sophisticated tests that are available through this lab.

For physicians interested in ordering tests, contact us at:

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The Diagnostic Immunology Laboratory at Cincinnati Children's.
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