What Makes Cincinnati Children’s Different?
Stories that Inspire

Stories that Inspire

If there's anything reassuring about being in a hospital, it is hearing something hopeful. Just knowing that other families have been in similar situations and have made it through the journey may be just the comfort you need to hear. This is where you can read and watch their stories.

Patient Stories

Hannah is one of many patients featured in our Patient Stories section.
Our Patient Stories offer a glimpse into the lives of families who have dealt with the uncertainty of an illness and can now be a source of support for other families. Read more

Tell Me a Story

Annie is one of many patients featured in our "Tell Me a Story" series.
Our Tell Me a Story series gives you a chance to hear patients, family members, staff and volunteers, in their own words, about how Cincinnati Children's has touched their lives. Learn more

Family-Centered Care

Learn how Cincinnati Children's strives to make the family part of the healthcare team, helping our professionals improve the way we provide care for our patients. Read more

A Good Feeling

We have joined the genre of YouTube "lip dub" videos with our lip-syncing and audio dubbing to rapper Flo Rida's hit "Good Feeling." We don't own the rights to this song, but we sure had a good time singing it.