Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology
Signaling and Drug Discovery Program

Signaling and Drug Discovery Program

Our program dissects the complex signaling networks that control cells at the molecular level and devises useful approaches to interfere with abnormal signaling activities in cancer and blood diseases.

By using mouse models to delineate the mechanisms of signal transduction and applying in silica and high- throughput screening to identify novel leads for drug development, we hope to understand the biological processes that are critical for the survival, proliferation, differentiation and movement of cancer or hematopoietic cells, and for the development of next-generation therapeutic regimens for cancer and blood diseases. 

The program works with other basic, translational and clinical programs in the division to move novel therapeutic principles through preclinical stages. Our hope is that the mechanistic information and targeting leads we uncover can be useful in subsequent translational research.

Yi Zheng, PhD  − program leader
Paul Andreassen, PhD
Elisa Boscolo, PhD
Nicolas Nassar, PhD
Fukun Guo, PhD
Mei Xin, PhD

Signaling and drug discovery.
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