Under the direction of Chuck Schubert, MD, the CDC Immunization Action Plan is a joint effort with the City of Cincinnati Health Department and the Cincinnati Children’s Emergency Medicine Division.   

Since 1994, the program has screened over 30,000 children younger than 35 months of age who have been seen in the Cincinnati Children’s Emergency Department, which now includes the urgent care center at the Burnet Campus.  The city and hospital immunization action plan (IAP) teams follow protocol established by the CDC panel.

  Screening of these children allows:

  • Medical staff to receive the immunization status of the child and support Cincinnati Children’s and its effort to provide complete health care, information and maintenance. 
  • Families whose child is missing an immunization(s) to receive notices from the City of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s to return to the child’s medical provider or access a health department clinic to get that vaccine.  This process allows the IAP teams to encourage and educate the families of individual children while improving our community’s immunization rate and essential well-being. 

This program is unique and well-recognized by pediatric emergency medicine programs across the country.   Immunization completion rates for children 35 months of age and younger have increased in Ohio, according to National Immunization Surveys.

The CDC and the local IAP teams have now extended their outreach and will assess the adolescent immunization status in our community.   This expanded program will work to keep adolescents safe from vaccine preventable illnesses.

With the IAP community intervention, hard-to-reach children who are high risk in falling behind on their immunizations are brought up to date and protected from numerous diseases.  Success continues as adolescents in these high-risk communities are also screened for immunization completion.