Onsite clinic

What specific services does the clinical program offer? 

The Golfer’s Clinic is designed for the injured golfer. The aim of the clinic is to determine if your body has any physical limitations that may be leading to swing faults. A full body functional screen is performed and focuses on detecting any physical limitations that can prevent you from achieving your most efficient golf swing. Utilizing high-definition 2-D video analysis software, our golf specialist physical therapist will use in-depth video to capture your swing, break it down into its component parts and analyze it for any potential faults.

Who would benefit from the program?

Injured golfers who are seeking to work with a golf-specialist physical therapist and obtain a 2D swing analysis as part of their physical therapy care. 

At what locations do you offer this service?

What makes the team experts?

Our head physical therapist in the golfer’s clinic is a board certified orthopedic specialist who has been trained in the Titleist Performance Institute on Golf Swing Biomechanics. He uses that expertise along with his passion for the game to help golfer’s return to the course faster and stay healthy longer.

Who should I contact for more information?

Chris Kovacs, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS Physical Therapy Coordinator

Our Ready to Play Program

Our Ready to Play Program is dedicated to ensuring your youth athlete is ready to play his or her sport safely at the highest level possible. This fee for service program is focused on enhancing sports-specific performance and reducing risk of injury in your healthy athlete. 

  • Clinic location: Green Township
  • Program lead: Chris Kovacs, PT, DPT

We offer two options: