Onsite Clinic

What specific services does the clinical program offer?

The Weightlifting Analysis program provides two-dimensional video analysis of weightlifting specific exercises to inform the athlete of movement impairments that could result in increased risk of injury, painful movement patterns, and decreased force production. The physical therapist will provide a detailed explanation of their performance as well as exercise interventions to improve technique and address impairments that may be contributing factors to their pain or movement dysfunction. Lifts that are eligible for analysis are the squat, deadlift, bench press, clean and jerk, and snatch, as well as other accessory lifts and exercises.

Who would benefit from the program?

  • Injured athletes who have difficulty performing lifts due to pain.
  • Athletes who are returning to weightlifting following an injury as a part of their off-season sport preparation.

At what locations do you offer this service?

What makes the team experts?

The analysis is performed by physical therapists who are certified USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaches. These therapists combine the anatomical knowledge of a physical therapist with advanced training in weightlifting technique to perform detailed analyses of both structure and skill in order to maximize outcomes.

Who should I contact for more information?

Grant Poston, PT, Physical Therapist I

Weightlifter’s Clinic Ready to Play Program

Our Ready to Play Program is dedicated to ensuring your youth athlete is ready to play his or her sport safely at the highest level possible. This fee for service program is focused on enhancing sports-specific performance and reducing risk of injury in your healthy athlete.

  • Program Lead: Grant Poston, PT,

Who would benefit from the program?

Athletes who are pain-free during and after their sport who want to improve technique or performance.

At what locations do you offer this service?

We offer two options: