Soccer Outreach Program

Outreach Program

What specific services does the clinical program offer?

Cincinnati Children’s Soccer Outreach Program is an injury prevention education and training program for teams looking to reduce the number of sports-related injuries that can lead to lost playing time – especially ACL injuries, which occur at a 2- to 10-fold greater rate in females compared to males. Our current injury prevention training protocols have been developed from nearly two decades of evidence based research at the Human Performance Laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s. In addition to a reduction in the number of severe sports-related injuries, the Soccer Outreach program has been shown to improve athletic performance on the field. Athletes who have participated in injury prevention training have also seen benefits such as increased

  • speed
  • agility
  • strength
  • power

Teams will learn sport-specific movement patterns to keep them healthy during competitive play while gaining performance enhancement benefits. Education for injury prevention will be provided to coaches, players, and parents. Teams will also have access to sports medicine professionals for injury prevention consultation throughout the program and after.

Who would benefit from the program?

Youth soccer teams, ages 8 years old and up.

At what locations do you offer this service?

On-field training is conducted at the team’s location of choice. We are currently partnered with Kolping Soccer Club, a part of the Ohio South Youth Soccer Association.

What makes the team experts?

The program is led by orthopedic certified physical therapist specialists and former soccer players who are passionate about the sport and protecting the young athletes who compete. The Soccer Outreach team consists of these certified physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports biomechanists who specialize in the health and wellness of the pediatric athlete. This unique combination of former soccer athletes and experts in the field of pediatric sports physical therapy allows our team to give the utmost care to young soccer players and teams.

Who should I contact for more information?

Kristin Bastian, PT, Physical Therapist II

Our Ready to Play Program

Our Ready to Play Program is dedicated to ensuring your youth athlete is ready to play his or her sport safely at the highest level possible. This fee for service program is focused on enhancing sports-specific performance and reducing risk of injury in your healthy athlete.

Who would benefit from the program?

Athletes who are pain-free during and after their sport who want to improve technique or performance.

  • Location: Liberty Campus
  • Program Lead: Kristin Bastian, PT, Physical Therapist II

Option 1: 45-minute session. Price $50

  • Soccer-specific:
    • movement assessment
    • strength and mobility assessment
    • exercise, drills, and training tips

To schedule an appointment: Call 513-803-9607.