NRSA General Pediatrics Research Fellowship

The T32 NRSA General Pediatrics Research Fellowship, directed by Dr. Kristen Copeland, MD, and associate director Dr. Kimberly Yolton, PhD, was successfully renewed for funding in June 2016. The Cincinnati Children’s General Pediatrics Research Fellowship is one of 19 NRSA fellowships nationally, and the only NRSA primary care fellowship housed exclusively at a children’s hospital. This research training fellowship, which has been continuously funded for 19 years by HRSA (the Health Resources and Services Administration in the US Department of Health and Human Services), provides salary, research, and tuition support for six fellows in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics and affiliated divisions. This $1.9M award provides funding for an additional five years, or 23 years of continuous funding. Noted strengths in the recent competitive renewal were the program’s alignment with the strategic plan for Cincinnati Children's, a focus on the needs of children living in poverty, a tailored approach to the individual needs and career goals in accordance with adult learning theory, and the fact that our graduates consistently exceed national benchmarks and goals set for publication. All (100%) of our 31 graduates have obtained a faculty position at an academic medical center or research institution upon graduating. Graduates of this program have been highly successful in obtaining extramural funding for their research, including APA Young Investigator awards, foundation grants, and NIH awards for loan repayment, career-development (K23), and independent research (R01, R21).

HRSA General Pediatrics Master Educator Fellowship

Dr. Melissa Klein, MD, MEd, directs the innovative General Pediatrics Master Educator Fellowship funded by HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration). This fellowship, which focuses on educational research, is ideal for fellows interested in academic careers in medical education. The two year curriculum provides fellows with the core competencies to develop and implement innovative curricula, utilize sound evaluation methodologies, and understand and apply adult learning theory as master medical educators. In addition, fellows complete the Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati’s on-line masters of education. Graduates of the program serve in a variety of educational leadership positions both at Cincinnati Children’s and elsewhere. Our current fellow, Dr. F. Joe Real, MD, received the Strauss Fellow Research Award for his project IMPACT Asthma. This project aims to utilize immersive virtual reality to teach parents of children with asthma how to identify and administer the right medication at the right time.

Division of General and Community Pediatrics Awards

In April, the Cincinnati Child Health-Law Partnership (Child HeLP) team received the 2016 Outstanding Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) Award from the National Center for Medical-Legal Partnership. Child HeLP, a partnership between the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati and the primary care sites at Cincinnati Children’s (Pediatric Primary Care Center, Hopple Street Neighborhood Health Center, and Fairfield Primary Care Clinic) addresses patient families’ legal needs that can impact health. Legal advocates also help train pediatric residents and other healthcare providers on issues related to the social determinants of health. The award recognizes partnerships that exemplify the activities and integration of MLP and demonstrate impact on health care clinic and institution practice.

Andrew F. Beck, MD, MPH

Dr. Beck's research aims to improve child health outcomes by identifying and mitigating key social determinants of health. Specifically, he pursues quantitative and quality improvement studies that focus on population-level health disparities and academic-community collaborations. These efforts have highlighted the importance of neighborhood factors on child health and well-being. It has also led to current efforts devoted to reducing the time children from high risk neighborhoods spend in the hospital (and increasing the time they spend at home and at school). He works, clinically, as a primary care and hospitalist pediatrician. Dr. Beck received the 2016 Forty Under 40 Award from the Cincinnati Business Courier as well as the 2015 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Pediatric Scholars Program Faculty Hero Award. He also became a member of the Society of Pediatric Research.

Thomas DeWitt, MD

Dr. DeWitt is the director of the Division of General and Community Pediatrics and oversees medical education at Cincinnati Children's. He is primarily interested in innovation and research linked to outcomes in educator development, education systems, and early childhood reading and literacy.

Kristen Copeland, MD

Dr. Copeland researches ways to prevent childhood obesity outside of the primary care clinic. She has studied nutrition and physical activity environments in child-care settings, and currently is PI of a USDA-sponsored national evaluation of the Child and Adult Care Food Program. She is also studying ways to use wearable technologies (Fitbits) and group peer-to-peer sessions to encourage families to be more active and eat healthier. Dr. Copeland has taken on a leadership role in improving the school readiness of Cincinnati’s children under age 6. With United Way funding, she directs a kindergarten readiness captain project in the Pediatric Primary Care Center (PPC). In FY16, she also co-authored a report that studied the health outcomes of universal preschool for Cincinnati's children.

William Brinkman, MD, MEd, MSc

Dr. Brinkman researches shared decision-making between patients, parents, and clinicians to promote high value care that is evidence-based and family-centered. He collaborates to develop interventions to facilitate shared decision-making across a wide-range of clinical contexts. Dr. Brinkman is the Division's director of the Research Section.

Nick DeBlasio, MD, MEd

Dr. DeBlasio’s main academic interest focuses on medical education. He is currently enrolled in the Academic Pediatric Association’s Educational Scholars Program. He is working on a project to evaluate and improve the communication between resident physicians and caregivers in the primary care setting.

Nicholas Newman, DO, MS

Dr. Newman researches the effect of indoor and outdoor air quality on children’s health. He collaborates with environmental health and pulmonary researchers to develop interventions to improve indoor air quality. In addition, he works with health care providers, public health, and community members to bring environmental health research into practice.

Michelle L. French, MD

Dr. French focuses on an intense restructuring effort in the Complex Care Center (CCC), designed to improve preventative service delivery and chronic care management in an effort to reduce inpatient admission and emergency room visit rates for medically complex patients. Dr. French completed the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's I2S2.

Courtney M. Brown, MD, MSc

Dr. Brown conducts quality improvement research in pediatric primary care. Her particular area of interest is in promoting mental health and school readiness for children under 5 years of age. Dr. Brown is a co-awardee on a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to study integration of behavioral health programs into primary care.

Sheela R. Geraghty, MD, MS, IBCLC

Dr. Geraghty’s academic interests focuses on outcomes of patients seen in the Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic and established the Cincinnati Children’s Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic Research Registry. This research registry allows for the review of patient data already in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). More importantly, it allows for follow-up after the clinic visit to determine the duration of breastfeeding, if the mother had improvement in her breastfeeding difficulties, and if the mother was satisfied with her visit. The purpose of this data collection is to better understand how to help mothers meet their breastfeeding goals.

Mary V. Greiner, MD, MS

Dr. Greiner is interested in research evaluating innovative approaches to delivering healthcare for children in or at risk of entering foster care, and identifying which clinical interventions most help to improve health outcomes for these children. Dr. Greiner was a finalist for the Cincinnati Business Courier's Health Care Heroes Award.

Robert Kahn, MD, MPH

Dr. Kahn studies social and biologic mechanisms that lead to child health disparities, and co-leads the hospital’s community health strategic plan to ensure that every child has a chance to be healthy and thriving. Dr. Kahn was an invited speaker at the Gates Foundation-White House Office of Science and Technology Policy convened summit on “Precision Public Health." Dr. Kahn is the associate division director for academic and research activities.

Roohi Kharofa, MD, MPH

Dr. Kharofa's research focuses on the management of overweight and obese children in the primary care setting. She is seeking to identify modifiable parent, provider, and healthcare system barriers to clinic attendance for obesity treatment in order to enhance care delivery and improve parent/child engagement, both of which are critical to improving obesity-related health outcomes.

Tzipi Horowitz Kraus, PhD

Dr. Horowitz-Kraus research focuses on the role of cognitive control during reading in children with dyslexia using MRI and genetic markers. She is the principal investigator on a new NICHD RO1 grant ($3M). Dr Horowitz-Kraus also won the Alon scholarship for excellent new investigators in Israel. She is a member on several COST committees (European committees) in the fields of reading and language development, a member of the Human Brain Mapping Organization communication committee, a member in the literacy coalitions, and a reviewer on a NIH study section.

Melissa Klein, MD, MEd

Dr. Klein is a general pediatrician, medical educator, and researcher. She is the division's director of the Section of Education in the Division of General and Community Pediatrics. Dr. Klein is the director of the General Pediatrics Master Educator Fellowship, an innovative fellowship focused on educational scholarship and leadership and the director of the Primary Care Pathway of the Pediatric Residency Program. Her main research interest focuses on improving provider screening and management of the social determinants of health during routine well-child care through innovative educational experiences. She serves as the educational physician champion of for Child HeLP (Health Law Partnership) and is one the founding members of the KIND (Keeping Infants Nourished and Developing) partnership aimed at eliminating infant hunger. On the national level, she co-leads the educational works related to the Academic Pediatric Association’s Poverty Task Force and serves as the associate editor of Education for Academic Pediatrics. Dr. Klein received the Academic Pediatric Association’s Teaching Award for Mid-Level Faculty, presented at Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting in Baltimore, MD.

Colleen Kraft, MD

Dr. Kraft’s research involves health care financing for children with medical complexity. She focuses on interventions that can improve outcomes for these children, improve patient and family experience of care, and reduce cost of care. She is the co-Principal Investigator for the CARE (Coordinating All Resources Effectively) Award from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. Dr. Kraft is nominated for president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). She also received the Susan Aaronson Award from the Council on Early Education and Child Care, AAP.

Anne W. Lucky, MD

Dr. Anne Lucky is the medical director of the Cincinnati Children’s Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Center. She and her staff strive to improve the quality of life in children afflicted with the genetic disorder EB, which can be a devastating, multi-system disease. The EB Center is the largest in North America serving national and international patients. Dr. Lucky continues to care for children with all dermatologic disorders.

Mona Mansour, MD, MS

Dr. Mansour is actively engaged in research and QI efforts focused on the redesign of health care systems to support the patient/family centered medical home model and to ensure success in the changing health care landscape of value based care. Dr. Mansour promoted to professor of clinical pediatrics. Dr. Mansour is the associate division director for clinical activities.

Dan McLinden, EdD

Dr. McLinden’ s interests include conceptualizing approaches to address wicked problems through concept mapping methodology, applying network analysis to understand relationships in systems, and applying Rasch modeling to improve the measurement of outcomes. He collaborates to develop learning interventions for co-production of knowledge in communities and to apply to develop novel approaches to education using technology for virtual and augmented reality.

John Morehous, MD

Dr. Morehous interests include developing improved models for the delivery of primary care and supporting population health, as well as improving care delivery and coordination for children with complex health care needs. He is collaborating with the Department of Patient Services and quality improvement consultants within the James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence to develop an innovation lab for pediatric primary care.

Chris Peltier, MD

Dr. Peltier’s research involves community based education of medical students and residents. His interest motivates community preceptors to teach and how best to train them to become better educators. He also collaborates to develop best practices in how to best recognize community preceptors and how medical centers can best support the needs of community based teachers. Dr. Peltier received the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's Faculty Educational Achievement Award. He serves as the director of the Division's Community Section.

Sarah Riddle, MD, IBCLC

Dr. Riddle is part of a multidisciplinary group investigating the connection between abnormal glucose metabolism and low milk supply. She is the director of the Center for Breastfeeding Medicine and sees patients clinically in breastfeeding medicine clinic and with the Division of Hospital Medicine.

Zeina M. Samaan, MD

Dr. Samaan is primarily focused on improving systems for delivering recommended preventive services reliably to support the overall health and well-being of vulnerable pediatric population in primary care setting using quality improvement methodology. Special areas of interest include: improving newborn access to primary care, reducing newborn non-urgent emergency room visits, improving preventive service bundle delivery by kindergarten entry, and reducing inpatient bed day length. Dr. Samaan received the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's CARES Core Value Award.

Gregory A. Szumlas, MD

Dr. Szumlas coordinated the Cincinnati Reach Out and Read Coalition, and initiated the Imagination Library program in Cincinnati. He continues to collaborate on several early literacy and kindergarten readiness initiatives. In 2016, Dr. Szumlas completed Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center's I2S2, Impact U.

Denise Warrick, MD, MEd

Dr. Denise Warrick participates in educational research related to advocacy and community health, pediatric primary care education for resident physicians as well as improvement research related to handoffs from inpatient to outpatient physicians. Dr. Warrick was promoted to assistant professor of clinical pediatrics.

Kimberly Yolton, PhD

Dr. Yolton conducts epidemiological research on the impact of exposure to common environmental toxicants during gestation and childhood on health, development, and behavior outcomes from infancy through adolescence. She also collaborates on several studies of typical development in children. Dr. Yolton promoted to research professor of pediatrics.

Robert Harper, EdD

Dr. Harper’s research interests include multiple aspects of online learning, educational assessments and outcomes, and the professional development needs of health care professionals. He serves as the associate director of the online masters of education program.

Camille Graham, MD

Dr. Camille Graham collaborates with clinical divisions and senior leadership to improve relationships and coordination between the hospital and community physicians. She uses community-based participatory research to engage families and to empower communities. She is the faculty sponsor for cultural competency for the division, and is the medical director of the Cincinnati Pediatric Research Group (CPRG). Dr. Graham completed I2S2 in January 2016.

Stephen Warrick, MD, MEd

Dr. Warrick is involved in the improvement of patient access for ill care in the primary care clinics at Cincinnati Children's. He works with resident global health education at Cincinnati Children's, and participates in the Midwest Consortium of Global Health Educators. Dr. Warrick graduated with MEd in May, 2016, and received a promotion to assistant professor of clinical pediatrics.